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Amos Funk (Aw-mos) 

A New York City based singer- songwriter.

His debut album “Black Rose” is a Rock, Alt-Country, Punk-Folk album,

with songs about love and death.Currently working on new album these days, due this year. 


Amos started his musical career as the lead singer of “Giraffe Personality”, a four member alt -rock band, in 1994, in Jerusalem. They performed all around the city from the smallest venues and pubs all the way to the city rooftops and recorded a self titled EP. In 1997 Amos moved to Tel Aviv and formed “Raindogs” a Blues based rock n’ roll band, with guitar player Nadav Malter. Amos wrote and performed the songs in English and Hebrew; his themes were love, politics, and the human condition. In 2002 Amos formed “Parking Texas” an acoustic group that performed original music, as well as cover songs by artists like David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Eric Clapton in pubs and clubs in the city and around Tel Aviv. Amos and his partner, musician Anat Damon created “The GOW Project” (rhymes with cow), In 2007 an acronym for “Glass Of Water”, symbolizing the simplicity and vitality of their music. They recorded and played together at their home studio in Tel Aviv. They alternated writing the lyrics and composing the tunes. The GOW project album recording was never fully completed as intended due to Anat’s death in 2009. Later that year Amos laid down some track with an acoustic solo recording titled “The Far Away Sessions”. He toured solo with these songs in Israel. In 2012 Amos Funk released the album Black Rose. “Black Rose” was named among the best 10 albums for 2013 by Haaretz newspaper.


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